The Truth about Open Access Predatory Publishing

Despite resistance from certain quarters, Open Access continues to grow and develop and receive acceptance from the industry as well as the academia.

In view of this, the response of the traditional publisher to this model of publishing is apprehensive and they naturally consider it to be a threat for their existence.

Unrestricted and free utilization of research publications, especially by the developing nations, will ideally serve the very basic objective of scientific research and scientific publications.

Bentham Science Publishers is an established name in the industry. Their publications include numerous respectable titles, for instance Current Medicinal Chemistry, Current Pharmaceutical Design, Current Gene Therapy and Current Drug Metabolism. Bentham Scienec Publishers have two main categories of publishing: subscription based journals including many high impact titles; and Open Access which publishes popular titles such as The Open Dentistry Journal and The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal. Nearly all their journals, both subscriptions based and Open Access, are indexed in internationally recognized indexing agencies like Scopus, Medline, EMBASE and PubMed etc.

The authors who have contributed in Bentham journals are quite satisfied with their publication process and peer review procedure. You can check the author testimonials at:
Unfortunately, Bentham Open has also been the target of Bentham controversy for quite some time. These allegations in general are not grounded in reality. Bentham Open is actually charging quite an affordable fee for Open Access as compared to other known publishers and, in case of authors from the Developing world, the publisher makes it totally free for the contributor. For more information, you can check:

Open Access Publishing has also generated some controversies. However, this will certainly be expected in a new publication model. There are always some problems in the initial stages of anything innovative and there is always room for improvement.

When compared with over five hundred years of traditional publishing models, Open Access is still a recent addition to the industry and needs to be cared for in good faith.

There is a concerted effort going on out there by unknown quarters to try and discredit this form of publishing but if that happens, it would prove quite detrimental to the scientific community at large. Blind acceptance of whatever is published against Open Access must be resisted with an open mind.


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