eBook Publishing: Your Book Available Instantly

There has been an increasingly popular trend to publish books digitally and making them available online. An eBook is actually a book published in a digital format, with text and figures, available on computer and other electronic devices.

Electronic publishing has emerged as a profitable and popular alternative to expensive conventional publishing. It has made reading more convenient and enjoyable for readers, who now have a much wider choice of selections and the comfort of sitting at home and downloading eBooks. Similarly, authors can also reach millions of people by making research work available online in digital formats.

A variety of eBooks is available by major publishers like Bentham Science Publishers. These eBooks cover all major disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences and information technology.

Bentham has a wide collection of eBooks in fields as diverse and wide-ranging as science, technology, medicine, social sciences, business and humanities. The publishers follow a set of stringent editorial policies in publishing eBooks, such as author guidelines, plagiarism prevention, copyright, ethical approval of studies, informed consent, permissions and animal protection etc. You can view them in detail:



Bentham eBooks is an assortment of text books, handbooks, eLectures, monographs, review volumes and proceedings. In addition, readers can enjoy both online and printed versions of them. They can access their purchased content without any time restrictions. For the author, there is no processing fee and they have free access to their own content. Besides package discounts, the librarians and institutions can also benefit from IP-based access to Bentham eBooks.


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