Global Warming: Causes and Consequences

Global Warming is the term given to the phenomenon of a general rise in the earth’s temperature due to the unchecked emissions of harmful greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere.

This unnatural increase in the average temperature is adversely affecting the fragile natural equilibrium and climatic systems of the earth.

Causes and factors leading to global warming include vehicle emissions, industrial releases, landfills, coal mining, gas field leakages and the extensive consumption of fossil fuel contributing to huge amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Global warming is negatively affecting life on earth, and things will continue to get worse if we do not control the factors resulting in global warming. Interestingly, even agriculture and livestock farming contribute to global warming. Grazing of forests to make way for farming actually steals a valuable antidote for this problem. Livestock farming, on the other hand, emits huge amounts of methane, a major contributor to world’s greenhouse gases.

Global warming is a serious issue which needs immediate attention of the scientific community, governments, corporate sector and consumers of industrial and agricultural products. It is time we united as a global community to counter this grave concern.


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