Extraordinary Scientific Inventions and Discoveries

There has been, in the last few decades, an unbelievable rise in the field of scientific inventions and discoveries. Some of them have been truly remarkable, and thus discussed in this blog.

From the world of Synthetic biology, scientists have created an Escherichia coli cell which upon contact with certain pathogens – literally explodes, killing both the pathogens and itself.

Researchers are working on the ways to mutate plants so that they can hunt for bombs. Dr. Jane Medford’s ongoing research is about plants which will turn white while exposed to explosives as well as environmental toxins.

Synthetic Telepathy is another amazing discovery. The military has been developing a scientific device which can read electrical movements inside a human brain. It makes sense of all the ideas and thoughts and forwards them to fellow soldiers in the form of text messages or voice mail.

Scientists have also discovered an improved way to fight with dengue fever and malaria. Genetically, they have done so by mutating the genes in mosquitoes that live longer and are resistant to malaria. They help in scattering of the malaria and eventually bringing them to an end.

Scientists have remarkably developed the ways for restoring the lost body parts using ECM(Extracellular Matrix) in combination with physical therapy. ECM has the power to revive the body’s natural healing potential.


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