Outstanding Scientific Discoveries and Inventions:

There have been several remarkable scientific inventions and discoveries, especially in the last few decades. For instance, in the field of synthetic biology, the Escherichia Coli Cell plays a vital role in the treatment of diseases. These cells, upon interaction with numerous pathogens, entirely kill pathogens as well as itself.

Scientists have also found a better way for fighting the dengue fever and malaria. They have done it by genetically modifying mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are naturally resistant to malaria and are long-living. They help in the eradication of malaria.

The regeneration of the lost parts of the body has been discovered by scientists. They have been doing it with the help of ECM (Extracellular Activities) and physical therapy. ECM has the potential to revive the body`s natural therapeutic tendency.

Researchers have also found a new and amazing way to search for bombs with the help of plants. Dr. Jane Medford is doing a research on plants which will turn white when they come in contact with explosives and environmental pollutants.

Synthetic Telepathy is another wonderful discovery. A scientific device has been created by the military which can read electrical movements inside a human brain. It helps in sensing of all thoughts and forwards them to other soldiers as voice mail and text messages.


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