Current Genomics

The study of the genomes of organisms is known as Genomics. A genome is basically the sum of the entire human being`s genes.

The recent genomics field includes immense efforts related to fine-scale genetic mapping and the complete DNA series of human beings. This field also consists of the learning of various intragenomic phenomena such as pleiotropy, heterosis, epistasis and other contacts in between loci and alleles within the genome.

Genome science has several useful applications in the disciplines of medicine, biotechnology, molecular biology and even social sciences.

Published content in the field of genomics helps researchers learn the causes and treatments of diseases which are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, for example asthma, heart diseases, cancer and diabetes etc. In this regard, the journal, Current Genomics is a peer-reviewed research publication that is highly recommended. It has 14 published volumes to its credit and publishes authoritative articles and reviews concerning the latest developments in genome science. It is endorsed by Olivier Civelli, Chair and Professor Pharmacology from the University of Clifornia:

“Current Genomics is establishing itself as a leader in the field of functional genomics.”

The development of genomic information also helped a great deal in enhancing various synthetic biological applications. Next generation technologies play a vital role in allowing biomedical researchers and clinicians to significantly enhance the quantity of genomic data gathered on huge learning populations. Within disease research, genomics help researchers in improved understanding of the genetic sources of disease as well as drug reaction.


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