Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is distinguished by high blood sugar (glucose) levels. It is caused by the insufficiency of insulin secretion. Diabetes is also known as Diabetes Mellitus.

Usually blood glucose levels are robustly controlled by insulin. It is a hormone produced by the pancreas. When the blood glucose level increases, insulin is produced from the pancreas and helps in balancing the glucose level. The absence or insufficient discharge of insulin results into hyperglycaemia in the diabetic patients.

Diabetes is a persistent medical condition even though it can be controlled or, alternatively, it might last for a lifetime.

The major symptoms of diabetes mellitus include increased blood glucose levels, dehydration, blurred vision, weight loss, nausea, fatigue, and loss of glucose in urine.

It can be analyzed by performing blood glucose level test or sugar test in fasting. The test is simple and easy to execute. A single sample of blood is taken from the patient and sent to the laboratory analysis after the overnight fasting of at least 8 hours. It can also be perfectly measured via digital glucose meter.


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