Uses and Adverse Effects of Cardiovascular Drugs

People, when diagnosed with heart disease can be treated with the help of cardiovascular drugs. In the last few decades, the variety of cardiovascular drugs has been increased massively. Various new drugs have been launched and approved yearly.

Numerous risk factors which should be kept in view for controlling heart problems include the reduction of sugar consumption, cholesterol, fat and getting rid of smoking.

Different factors should be considered while taking these drugs. For people experiencing angina and frequent heart beats, beta blockers are the best choice. For people of old age, diuretics and calcium, channel blockers are highly effective. Calcium channel blockers and beta blockers can play a vital role for people suffering from migraines. Ace Inhibitors are the best choice for asthmatic, diabetic and hypertension patients.

The major cardiovascular drugs are alpha blockers, diuretics, ace inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. These drugs affect the function of the blood vessels and heart.

Some of the side effects of these drugs include dry cough, fatigue, nausea, headache, diarrhoea, depression, fainting, taste alternations etc.


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