Thyroid Cancer-Diagnosis and Treatment

Thyroid cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cells within the thyroid glands. The shape of the thyroid gland is like a butterfly. It is located in front of the neck. It secretes hormones which play an important role with the regulation of  energy used by human body.

Thyroid cancer is a very rare type of cancer. It can be treated completely when diagnosed in the early stage. Unfortunately, it might sometimes reappear even after many years of treatment.

The cause of thyroid cancer is unknown. But like other cancers, it is caused by the changes within the DNA of the cells. The people who have been exposed to a lot of radiations are at a greater risk of developing thyroid cancer.

There are numerous symptoms of Thyroid Cancer. One of the most common symptoms is the swelling or growth of a lump inside the neck. Sometimes, it can result into  pain in the neck and ear. Various other symptoms include difficulty in breathing, trouble in swallowing, frequent cough bouts and changes in the voice box.

Thyroid cancer is diagnosed with the help of a simple procedure of biopsy of the thyroid gland. The cancer cells are checked in this test. It can be treated with the help of surgery and sometimes with the help of radioactive iodine. It hardly needs chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment.


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