The cancer patients can be treated with the help of surgery. If the cancer cells still left inside the body after surgery, chemotherapy technique is used, which prevents the cancer cells from dividing and growing.

The process of chemotherapy involves the usage of medication in order to treat cancer disease by destructing cancer cells present inside the body. Different types of antibiotics have been used in this process for the control of illness and infection.

During treatment, regular blood tests will be conducted so that the medical team can keep an eye upon the blood count and the condition of the patient`s liver. There is a risk that during chemotherapy, the red, white and platelet blood level counts may become low. This regular monitoring of the patient`s blood can help the doctors in evaluating the working of the chemotherapy.

There are two ways of giving chemotherapy. It can be done orally or intravenously (directly into the vein) depending upon the type of cancer. In oral chemotherapy, different swallowing tablets can be given to the affected patient. However, frequent visits to the hospital will be advised by the doctor. Intravenous chemotherapy can be given with the help of injections straight into the vein, through pump, drip or through a cannula.

There are various side effects of chemotherapy. But the most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, loss of appetite and deafness.



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