Policies of Bentham Open Access:

The name of Bentham Science Publishers is highly established. They have two major categories of their publication which comprises of subscription based and open access articles.

Bentham Science e-book

Bentham Open access have 230 plus peer-reviewed journals. Some of the eminent scientists endorse their Open access journals in this way: “The advantage of the Open Journal series is that it is just that: open and accessible to anyone with a PC at no charge I appeal to scholars across the disciplines to consider the Open Journal series as a forum for their work.” J.C.Jones (University of Aberdeen, Scotland).

Bentham Open Access is based on different policies which are described briefly.The published articles are free of charge. They have frequent online access. The interested readers can download, study and print these articles depending upon their feasibility without any hassle. All these articles are fully licensed and any sort of distribution, reproduction or non-commercial usage is strictly permitted. These articles have been passed through peer-reviewing procedure by the editorial staff and external referees. All the authors who have contributed within the Bentham Open access should maintain the copy rights of their work. The authors can publish a wide range of articles with flexibility like conference proceedings, case studies, full length research and review articles.

Other policies include appeals and complaints, plagiarism prevention, copyrights, disclaimer and waiver. For more details about the Bentham Open access policies please visit:



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