Current Alzheimer Research- An Exclusive Bentham Science Journal

Alzheimer’s – a disease which is an accelerating brain disorder that damages the brain cells and ultimately destroys it. This injury leads to memory loss and brings about many changes in the functionality of the brain and cognition. A universal quest is under way to discover new treatments and even prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Bentham Science Journal

Current Alzheimer Research – an exceptional journal from the shelves of Bentham Science Publishers which has an impact factor, 3.676. The Current Alzheimer Research journal includes peer-reviewed letter articles, research and frontier review covering all major areas of Alzheimer’s disease. Stay up to date on the latest advances in the cure, treatment, research and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by visiting the Bentham Science page:

Bengt Winblad from Karolinska University hospital, Sweden has shared his views about this journal; “Current Alzheimer Research is a frontier research-driven as well as review journal, which contains comprehensive articles written by leading scientists in their respective fields. This journal presents the latest developments from clinical to basic Alzheimer research. I strongly recommend it to scientists working in the field.”

For further information about the latest and upcoming journals of Bentham Science- visit:



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