Modern Day Eye Care

The eye surgeries in the olden days were made a big-deal of. The doctors were less, the medicine was rare and very expensive, the operation was marked as a ‘major’ operation.
Nowadays, technology has improved by leaps and bounds. The eye surgery is a small process which is handled by machines, supervised by expert doctors. LASIK is now used for the surgery of eyes. LASIK stands for “Laser in Situ Keratomileusis”.
It is an advanced eye surgery technique in which the reshaping of the cornea is performed underneath a corneal flap with the help of laser. This procedure has been designed for the treatment of refractive errors, improving vision and eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses.
The surgery may seem to be an easy task but LASIK is not suitable for everyone. One should ask for advice from an expert doctor before going for this refractive surgery. Lasikhas been shown to be a very useful technique and majority of the patients are very happy with their vision following this procedure.
However, like many other surgical procedures, LASIK has some risk factors as well. You may be over-corrected or under-corrected. Most patients are completely satisfied with their vision after a single treatment, but in some rare cases, you may not achieve quality vision in the beginning and require a second surgery. This second surgery is called an enhancement which is done for further sharpness of the image. You may still require glasses and contact lenses for the accomplishment of the best possible image. You may experience visual aberrations exclusively in low lighting conditions. Dry eye symptoms may continue or even get worse. Under extreme cases, you may lose vision.
The treatment should be done under a very keen eye. One should not compromise on quality and look for cheap eye clinics for this surgery as this surgery is very expensive and not easy to afford. If you are recommended for this surgery from your physician, seek a good eye surgeon and an excellent eye clinic.

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