Influenza Epidemic Forecaster:

Researchers have concluded that flu forecaster is a helpful tool in preparing people for influenza epidemic, highlighting peak cases as early as 8 weeks.

Flu predictor is extremely helpful for elderly and infants, as they have weak immune system. This information of influenza hitting a certain region can help them prepare for the worst scenarios, and taking preventive measures by focusing on sanitation. Moreover, it allows public health officials and doctors to arrange for influenza vaccines and medications beforehand. The model incorporates flu-related search data from Google Flu Trends and from the Centers for Disease Control. On a weekly basis this flu forecaster integrates the number of reported flu cases by comparing it with its own forecast.

Bentham Science Publishers is a well reputed STM industry, which has a diverse collection of eBooks and journals available on topics varying from science, medicine, drug discovery, technology and the like. One of its journals is “International Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control”  which has articles related to this topic.


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