The New Addictive: Sugar

Obesity and other health issues are arising with every passing day. Scientists are researching for ways to reduce the health problems. Many researches have proven that ingestion of cheap sugar is the main factor for increase in weight and various health related issues.

Sugar is available in a number of forms, other than easily available, white powdery form. Corn syrup, honey and maple syrup are some of the other forms that affect our body in a strong way. The highest intake of sugar, by a human being, is through the proliferated use of fizzy drinks.

The era of ‘junk food’ is blamed for the abnormal health of individuals. The manufacturers of high-fat foods were held accountable; they came up with low-fat products but increased the amount of sugar in their merchandise for additional taste. Even though sugar has no protein, no healthy fats, and no enzymes; but constant access to sugary foods is not helpful as its effect changes when combined with other products.

Researchers and health experts have reached out to the food and drink manufacturing giants for limiting the amount of sugar in their products. They are a part of a new anti-sugar campaign that calls the food rich in sugar, ‘the new tobacco.’

Bentham Science Publishers publishes quality research and scholarly articles with a stringent peer- reviewing process. There are more than 116 online and print journals, 150 plus open access journals and more than 300  eBooks.


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