Heavy Drinking Causes Memory Loss!!

Drinking may be the reason for an accelerated memory loss and mental decay, according to a new study. Premature Old age may also be caused due to heavy drinking earlier.

Bentham Science e-book

Heavy drinking in mid-life is associated with faster cognitive declines for men, a new study suggests. However, lighter drinking didn’t appear to accelerate mental decline. Men who consume more than two alcoholic drinks per day during their middle age may speed up the process of memory loss and premature old age up to six years. For women, no clear result was derived.

Research has deduced that middle-aged men are at a greater risk of mental decay, because they are into heavy drinking for many years.  They have been drinking all their lives, which makes their brain vulnerable to memory loss.

5.000 civil servants were tested on this theory, the decline was equal to two extra years of aging for a combined  measure of mental capabilities like reasoning, and six years of memory relevant product/services. The heavy drinkers were compared to those men who drank moderately or refrained from it.

Undoubelty, alcohol consumption affects the brain, but the study has focused on an age range that has never been paid much emphasis on by the alcohol researchers. Research has always  focused more on elderly or college students.

Bentham Science Publishers is one of the leading STM publishing companies of the industry. It publishes more than 116 online and print journals and more than 300 eBooks. One of its journals is “Current drug Abuse Reviews.” Current Drug Abuse Reviews aim to publish the highest quality reviews, meta-analyses and drug clinical trial studies on all latest advances on alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.


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