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The Music to your Cancer

One of the worst diseases of the modern era is cancer. It is a painful illness and its treatment is equally dire. The modern day presents us with many problems but science and researchers tend to find out methods to rectify the diseases. One of the latest researches observed positive response when experimented with music therapy.

The type of music therapy examined in this study – called Therapeutic Music Video – is designed to help patients reflect on their experiences. This research was carried out with a control group from the ages of eleven to twenty-four, by Indiana University. This research on music therapy confirms that adolescents and young cancer patients who participated in the music therapy program increased their ability to cope with the disease as music boosted their resilience. Music therapy involves song lyric writing, sound recordings, producing videos, storyboarding, collecting images for the video etc.
The role of a music therapist was to offer support and structure, by asking them to reflect on their life’s experiences and tap into their priorities including; family, relationships and spirituality.
Therapeutic music video group reported to have comparatively better ‘Courageous coping’ skills, better socializing abilities and family-environment, even after 100 days of stem cell transplant treatment.
Cancer patients of this age go through a tough time and a high risk treatment, so whatever soothes their mind should not only be encouraged by the doctors; but should also be adopted by the patients. But even when a life ends too early, music therapy can be invaluable to a parent or family members.

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Headache: A Harmless Condition Or A Warning Sign

Headache is the most common condition of pain in the head, sometimes the pain moves to the neck and upper back. Medically headaches are called cephalalgia. They are self-limiting and benign in nature. The most common reason for headaches is migraine, eye-strain, dehydration, low blood sugar, and sinusitis.

Headaches are also a symptom of many life-threatening diseases such as meningitis, encephalitis, brain tumors, extremely high BP and cerebral aneurysms. It also occurs in conjunction with a head injury. Females usually suffer from headaches caused by unstable estrogen during menstrual years.  This can occur prior to or before midcyle menstruation.


It won’t be wrong to mention that recurrent headaches may be triggered by other conditions like stress or particular foods, which could then be avoided. Statistically, they are harmless, but headache syndromes may require specific treatment as they might be warning signals of more serious disorders.

Treating uncomplicated headache is usually treated with painkillers such as; aspirin, paracitamol, ibuprofen or more suitable treatment. In serious cases of headaches, doctors recommend Computed Tomography (CT/CAT) scans of the brain or sinuses and MRI in some cases. Blood tests also help in the differential diagnosis.

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Influenza Epidemic Forecaster:

Researchers have concluded that flu forecaster is a helpful tool in preparing people for influenza epidemic, highlighting peak cases as early as 8 weeks.

Flu predictor is extremely helpful for elderly and infants, as they have weak immune system. This information of influenza hitting a certain region can help them prepare for the worst scenarios, and taking preventive measures by focusing on sanitation. Moreover, it allows public health officials and doctors to arrange for influenza vaccines and medications beforehand. The model incorporates flu-related search data from Google Flu Trends and from the Centers for Disease Control. On a weekly basis this flu forecaster integrates the number of reported flu cases by comparing it with its own forecast.

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Modern Day Eye Care

The eye surgeries in the olden days were made a big-deal of. The doctors were less, the medicine was rare and very expensive, the operation was marked as a ‘major’ operation.
Nowadays, technology has improved by leaps and bounds. The eye surgery is a small process which is handled by machines, supervised by expert doctors. LASIK is now used for the surgery of eyes. LASIK stands for “Laser in Situ Keratomileusis”.
It is an advanced eye surgery technique in which the reshaping of the cornea is performed underneath a corneal flap with the help of laser. This procedure has been designed for the treatment of refractive errors, improving vision and eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses.
The surgery may seem to be an easy task but LASIK is not suitable for everyone. One should ask for advice from an expert doctor before going for this refractive surgery. Lasikhas been shown to be a very useful technique and majority of the patients are very happy with their vision following this procedure.
However, like many other surgical procedures, LASIK has some risk factors as well. You may be over-corrected or under-corrected. Most patients are completely satisfied with their vision after a single treatment, but in some rare cases, you may not achieve quality vision in the beginning and require a second surgery. This second surgery is called an enhancement which is done for further sharpness of the image. You may still require glasses and contact lenses for the accomplishment of the best possible image. You may experience visual aberrations exclusively in low lighting conditions. Dry eye symptoms may continue or even get worse. Under extreme cases, you may lose vision.
The treatment should be done under a very keen eye. One should not compromise on quality and look for cheap eye clinics for this surgery as this surgery is very expensive and not easy to afford. If you are recommended for this surgery from your physician, seek a good eye surgeon and an excellent eye clinic.


Women of today face a lot of challenges, not only physical but mental as well. A disease which saps a woman is Breast Cancer. One of the most imminent dangers, that a woman faces is the cancer, which the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide. It accounts for 16% of all female cancers and 22.9% of invasive cancers in women. 18.2% of all cancer deaths worldwide, including both males and females, are from breast cancer.

Bentham Journals

Science is still working hard on eliminating this disease from the face of the Earth. There have been some successful surgeries and treatments but we are still unable to find a complete remedy. It can be treated, and prohibited, if it is caught on an early stage.

The women who suffer with this disease should consult their doctors frequently and keep a check on it. Ignorance towards this malady will lead to worse conditions and eventually, death.

The women who have a history of breast cancer in their families are most prone to have the deadly genetic combination. Family history of this disease, race, earlier chest radiation, abnormal breast biopsy, too much alcohol, obesity, abnormal menstruation cycle, medication etc. are few of the common risk factors that women should be careful about.

It can be inhibited by controlling weight, exercising and quitting bad habits, additionally, talking to the doctor.

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Current Alzheimer Research- An Exclusive Bentham Science Journal

Alzheimer’s – a disease which is an accelerating brain disorder that damages the brain cells and ultimately destroys it. This injury leads to memory loss and brings about many changes in the functionality of the brain and cognition. A universal quest is under way to discover new treatments and even prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Bentham Science Journal

Current Alzheimer Research – an exceptional journal from the shelves of Bentham Science Publishers which has an impact factor, 3.676. The Current Alzheimer Research journal includes peer-reviewed letter articles, research and frontier review covering all major areas of Alzheimer’s disease. Stay up to date on the latest advances in the cure, treatment, research and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by visiting the Bentham Science page:

Bengt Winblad from Karolinska University hospital, Sweden has shared his views about this journal; “Current Alzheimer Research is a frontier research-driven as well as review journal, which contains comprehensive articles written by leading scientists in their respective fields. This journal presents the latest developments from clinical to basic Alzheimer research. I strongly recommend it to scientists working in the field.”

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Policies of Bentham Open Access:

The name of Bentham Science Publishers is highly established. They have two major categories of their publication which comprises of subscription based and open access articles.

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Bentham Open access have 230 plus peer-reviewed journals. Some of the eminent scientists endorse their Open access journals in this way: “The advantage of the Open Journal series is that it is just that: open and accessible to anyone with a PC at no charge I appeal to scholars across the disciplines to consider the Open Journal series as a forum for their work.” J.C.Jones (University of Aberdeen, Scotland).

Bentham Open Access is based on different policies which are described briefly.The published articles are free of charge. They have frequent online access. The interested readers can download, study and print these articles depending upon their feasibility without any hassle. All these articles are fully licensed and any sort of distribution, reproduction or non-commercial usage is strictly permitted. These articles have been passed through peer-reviewing procedure by the editorial staff and external referees. All the authors who have contributed within the Bentham Open access should maintain the copy rights of their work. The authors can publish a wide range of articles with flexibility like conference proceedings, case studies, full length research and review articles.

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