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Recent advances in Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology is the understanding, management and control of matter with dimensions measuring from 1 to 100 nanometers. It can sometimes be written as “Nanotech”.

Nanotechnology encompasses engineering, science and technology with the amalgamation of measuring, modeling, imaging and manipulation matter at nanoscale.

On the basis of classification by size, nanotechnology is very extensive in nature, comprising of various other fields of science such as molecular biology, organic chemistry, semi-conductor physics, surface science, micro fabrication etc.

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The advancement of distinctive nanoscale structures has the prospective of revolutionizing industry including medicine, electronics and consumer products.

“Every industry that involves manufactured items will be impacted by nanotechnology research. Everything can be made in some way better-stronger, lighter, cheaper, easier to recycle-if it`s engineered and manufactured at the nanometer scale.”

(Stan Williams, Director of Quantum Science Research, HP Labs)

The progress of nanotechnology is still in the research stage but some engineered nanomaterials have been fabricated which are used in commercial applications now-a-days.

Some of the examples of products which are developed using nanotechnology include cosmetics, stain-free mattresses and clothes, bumpers and catalytic converters on cars, polymer films used for the display of digital cameras, cell phones, laptops etc.


The Effects of Tea on Human Health

The latest studies have suggested that green tea plays an essential role in putting off various types of cancer. The possible health consequences of consumption of tea have been supported and recommended by a number of studies. The green tea contains element that are anti-oxidants such as polyphenol. It improves stamina during work out through improvised fat metabolism. Individuals should always consult a doctor before utilizing excess tea as unnecessary intake can lead to other health issues because of the strong binding activities of polyphenols and caffeine.

Black tea contains oxalate which can cause kidney stones, if it is consumed in excessive amount. A study in 2012 have suggested that individuals who consume excessive amount of black tea have increased chances of getting prostate cancer by 50%. Moreover, the excess consumption of hot beverages can lead to esophageal cancer.

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Brain Covers Both The Side Of The Brain, Helpful In Treating Head Injuries

A new study suggests that brain, stroke, head injuries, speech and communication disorders could be treated, as brain covers both the sides of the brain. This study debunk the belief that only one side o the brain is used for this task.

The findings improve understanding of the process of speech generation in the brain which could lead to new techniques to treat speech related disorders.

Previous researches on speech relied on studies that were measuring brain activities indirectly. This new study however examined the relation between speech and brain activity directly. Participants of this study had a direct and specialized electrodes implanted inside and on the surface of the brain.

Researchers focused on parts of the brain during speech. The participants were asked to repeat non-words like ‘kig’ and ‘pob’. Using non-words trigger brain activities enabled by the researchers to segregate speech from language.

The results indicated activity in both the sides of the brain for speech. With this great insight between the connection between brain and speech, we can work for the development of new and advanced ways to support those trying to regain the ability to speak after a stroke or head injury.

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Bentham e-Books: Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity:

Bentham Science offers the best eBooks that covers all disciplines of natural science, technology, humanities, social sciences and medicine. These electronic books are rapidly published using state-of-the-art internet technology. Bentham e-book offers authors flexible publication solutions.

Here is one of the latest reviews from the shelves of Bentham open eBooks, “Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity”- is a textbook about industrial enzymes. The book features definitions, classifications and applications of selected enzymes important in industry and in biotechnological processes. Analytical methods for these enzymes are also included in the text. The main objective of this textbook is to provide readers information focused on the current analysis methods of enzymatic activity at qualitative and quantitative levels. Each chapter is about one specific enzyme and contains information about its substrate and some biochemical properties. The methodologies are presented as an experimental protocol allowing interested readers to reproduce the experimental methods detailed within the textbook. These protocols contain the principle of the technique, materials, methods, and all steps necessary for the determination of enzyme activity and interpretation of results. Each methodology is illustrated with photos and schemes for a better and clear understanding. This book, therefore, uniquely brings modern analysis techniques of industrial enzymes in a single easy to understand volume. This textbook is suitable for undergraduate enzymology courses and advanced industrial biotechnology and microbiology courses.

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A Healthy Gluten-free Life

Are you sensitive to Gluten?

Gluten sensitivity is also known as gluten intolerance which means that a human body reacts to some particular proteins named as gluten. Food items like barley, rye and wheat contain quite high levels of gluten.

Gluten intolerance is one of the most common diseases nowadays. This intolerance or allergy affects the digestive system of the human body. The disease is not contagious but is rather inherited. The small intestine, where the nutritional elements are absorbed from the food, gets affected by this specific disease that is gluten intolerance. The protracted immune response ends up in the swelling of the internal lining of the small intestine and averts the absorption of certain nutrients.

There are some home based tests that can reveal if you are gluten sensitive or not; a proper gluten free diet can reveal the truth in a short period of time, i.e. 2-3 weeks. Avoiding 100% gluten containing food for one or two weeks could be another way of testing gluten sensitivity in a body. There is no such medication that averts this condition but simply a gluten free diet can do the miracle.

The Cure for Bed Sores

Bed sores are skin wounds that are caused by unnecessary pressure on soft or diluent skin. It appears to people’s skin because of numerous linking factors such as humidity, constant pressure on the skin, a skin wound which is not properly treated and is exposed to moisture and to people who are immobile and are confined to wheelchairs or beds.

Bedsores are also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. Bed sores generally appear on the skin in less time and are difficult to be cured. The chances of elderly people getting bed sores are higher because their skin is more sensitive to even the slightest pressures. Also, the reduced amount of movement of aging people makes them eben more vulnerable to bed sores or pressure sores.

The cure of bed sores could be the use of skin barriers that is a simple product in numerous different forms that include sprays, ointments and wipes. The use of skin barriers can protect skin from humidity and allows your skin to get dry.

Furthermore, if a patient is confined to bed or wheelchair, he/she should always change his/her position every hour, so that the skin would rest. These precautionary and prevention measures can prove helpful for people and one can easily get rid of bed sores.

Breast Cancer: Live Cancer Free Life

The statistics show that around 1.4 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Moreover, it is expected that the number of breast cancer patients will rise up to 2.1 million by 2030 globally. Breast cancer is a common malignancy that is found in women. A wide array of risk factors that are linked to this cancer include frequent intake of alcohol in any form, light exposure during night and exposure to different chemicals that are found in personal cosmetic products.

Research reveals that the damage of DNA cells occurs mainly because of a high consumption of alcoholic products which often boosts the chances of getting infected with the virus of breast cancer. The body`s sleep cycle is controlled by a hormone called Melatonin. The development of this specific hormone is at its optimum point during night and is reduced throughout the daytime. That is one reason why women who work during night time are more prone to developing breast cancer due to frequent exposure to light.

There are numerous ways to cure breast cancer and several precautionary measures to prevent it. For instance, developing a habit of routine exercise and avoiding getting over weight. Keep yourself fit and participating in cancer relief activities can help as well.