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“Effective Relief of Schizophrenia Symptoms Using Vitamins.”

The research studies have shown that the addition of dietary supplements of vitamin B12 and folate can result into the treatment of core symptoms of patients of Schizophrenia. This research has been applied to more than 100 affected patients and produced positive results.

The symptoms of schizophrenia are complex, and antipsychotic medications provide no relief for some of the most disabling parts of the illness. These include negative symptoms, which can be particularly devastating.”

“Our finding that folate plus vitamin B12 supplementation can improve negative symptoms opens a new potential avenue for treatment of schizophrenia. Because treatment effects differed based on which genetic variants were present in each participant, the results also support a personalized medical approach to treating schizophrenia.”

(Joshua Roffman, Massachusetts General Hospital- Department of Psychiatry).

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